I'm Abby Hudson! I am a Virginia based wedding photographer, but I also specialize in portrait sessions!  

My roots are planted in a small southern town near the Chesapeake Bay, but I just love traveling to work with my clients on some of the most special days of their life!  

I feel most inspired when photographing contagiously joyful and passionately in love couples!  Capturing a love like that is what sets a fire inside of my creative soul!


I often laugh too loud and I believe that smiles are contagious. There is nothing more that I adore than a breathe of cool fresh morning air and I have an unhealthy obsession with buying books that I never actually end up reading.  

Speaking of unhealthy, you know those seasonally decorated Pillsbury sugar cookies?  The  ones with the Christmas trees or Easter bunnies on them?  Yeah, Im obsessed and eat more of them than I'd care to admit!!  Healthy eating vibes or not, when those things hit the shelves I'm done!

I am a hugger and I will probably hug you the moment that we meet in person!  I am an avid over user of the words fabulous and amazing.  I have a special place in my heart for rescue dogs and I would bring home every stray + shelter dog  if I could.  I dream ridiculously big dreams, I count my blessings daily because I know how fortunate I am to be in this season of life.

I am married to my best friend in the entire world, I am the momma to a sweet baby girl with bright blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart, and a crazy dog mom to two crazy sweet pup!

You can find me wrapped in a fuzzy blanket wearing leggings and oversized glasses with a messy bun or bouncing around with big curls, my favorite matte lip gloss, and nude heals- there's pretty much no in between!  

Either way, I'll most likely be snuggled up with one of my favorites whether that be my baby girl that has taught me about everything that truly matters in life or my handsome firefighter of a husband that makes my heart pound a little more each day- or better yet, maybe I'll be snuggled up with them both!


The most important thing you should know about me is that I have a tendency to surprise myself.  Hence how this business transitioned from a small dream to a beautiful reality.  

I would be lying if I said my husband had nothing to do with this passion I have in my business.  The truth is that I love him so deeply, so dearly, so intensely.  When you find a love like that, it brings amazing changes to your life and inspires you all over again in a way that is remarkable.  I bring that inspiration into the Abby Hudson Photography brand with everything that I do.  

Whether it is encouraging and lifting the soul of another creative in my industry, creating lasting friendship with my clients, or photographing my sweet couple's wedding day in a way that captures the whole hearted love that they share- no matter what, I always bring that inspiration and the passion that my husband has introduced me to in life to this amaizing career of mine.  


I started this business to take beautiful images, but I continue this business to serve others in a way that brings joy and inspiration to their lives.  If we should like a perfect fit, I can't wait to meet you!